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Marketers Struggle to Derive Value From Customer Journey Maps

Every customer is unique in the way that they engage with an organization, so having a framework in place to optimize each touch point is essential to enhancing customer loyalty and delivering business outcomes. Yet, most of the organizations still find it challenging to incorporate customer journey maps into their overall customer experience (CX) efforts. The key to maximizing value from customer journey maps is to make them actionable, updated, and to communicate to internal stakeholders how they’re helping them meet their goals. “Customer journey mapping is critical to being successful as an organization and to understanding your customers better” said Cassandra, Director Advisory, Gartner.

Align Customer Journey Maps with Overall CX Efforts to Drive Business Outcomes

Almost one-third of organizations still find it challenging to incorporate their customer journey maps into their overall CX efforts. While marketing leaders have long understood the value of customer journey maps on customer satisfaction and loyalty, many still find it hard to incorporate them in their CX initiatives. To create value-driven customer journey maps that are aligned with the enterprise wide CX initiatives, marketing leaders must master foundational elements such as securing buy-in from key stakeholders, assessing the need and availability of data sources and an in-depth understanding of buyer personas

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