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DBS Bank is a prominent financial services group in Asia with more than 250 branches across 17 markets. Battling for customers in highly competitive markets like Singapore, China, and India, DBS realized that it needed to reinvent the banking experience if it was going to become the Asian bank of choice. To do that, the bank crafted a customer experience strategy that aligns with its corporate strategy and guides the redesign of its teams, processes, products, and touchpoints

Through conversations, surveys, focus groups, interviews, and workshops with customers and staff over the courseof six months, the team collected 96 proposed definitions of Asian service.Further work narrowed these definitions into a single shared concept of Asian service encapsulated by the values respectful, easy to deal with, and dependable (RED).

The team rolled out the RED values through an international campaign carried out via town-hall style meetings, department meetings, and internal forums. In addition, it created toolkits to guide leaders on how to cascade the standards to their teams.

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